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Got a question about download speeds

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Hey ya'll, I got a question and I hope you can help me out here. Well see I got cable so I have decent download speeds, my downloads usually start out very fast but for some reason they usually come to a crawl. So is there anyway to fix this? It's driving me nuts!

thanks for any help! :up:

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Hi Alonetime
I'm having the same issue. Its really frustrating. If I do speedtest when I first boot the PC I get about 210-220kbps. If I do it again in 2 minutes I get dialup speeds of 55-60kbps. I have 2 PCs. On my old one its not an issue. So I'm guessing its an issue with some setting on my new PC.

Heres a list of things I have tried without any lick:
* installed a network card - no difference
* checked the drivers for the mobo and the network card - all ok
* increased the number of connections to 20 - no difference
* installed google web accellerator - no difference
* tried both firefox and ie7 - no difference
* disabled all of my virus protection software - firewall, defender and nortons - still no difference
* done all of the tweaking things you can do for Fire fox - no joy.

Good luck and please post what you did if you are successful.
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I just spoke with my ISP....they have "shaped" my account due to some excessive downloading. its weird - 2 yrs on the same account - downloading like a ******* - now they shape me!!!!

Oh well. I've upgraded to a bigger DL limit and a faster service.

BTW - yes he did say what you think he said Valis. He's clearly an honest chap.
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