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Just a small random rant. I'm very picky when it comes to various online services and as such, am not easily impressed. I must admit that as far as main stream stuff is concerned, Google's got me won over pretty good. I tend to prefer Independent Services (BBS Scene Sites and Systems, Independent Music Portals and other things that aren't run by gigantic money hungry corporations). Things with a true community aspect (such as this site as another good example, as well as development communities such as Linux, etc..).

Aside from Gmail and all the other cool stuff, Google Coop (Custom Search Engine) is pretty amazing. Sites such as Legal Music Search and Blackle are two of many who've used it creatively.

Sure, there is an advanced / pay business version that costs money. However the free version is pretty friggen powerful. It also doesn't badger you about "oh please upgrade oh please we want your money oh please!" ...

So for those of you looking for a Search Engine Solution for your website, I would highly recommend the Google Custom Search Service.

I am really impressed with it, personally.
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