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Googledrive :question

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I compared many cloud services.
I found Google drive to be far the best: one can drag whole folders and the content-files will be loaded up automatically within the folders.
This is not so with one drive as I discovered to my big surprise [bought 5 TB before realizing this]
My question: when files are downloaded on google drive on can see if this is done[size]
With folders, one has to open them to see if the files are already downloaded...........filesize does not work with folders on my window 10 desktop, and I don't know why it shoud not be [in that case one could see if the files are already in the folder]
Am I doing something wrong on google drive? And one one drive?
who can help?
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possible issue as I can copy folders into onedrive OK , and google drive and dropbox
and then if I right click on a folder and select properties , that will give me the folder size and number of files within the folder

Folder size has never worked on windows , without an add-in treesize etc

I'm not sure where you want to see folder size?

5TB will take a long while to upload if you are on a standard domestic broadband service
a delated thanks! i mea
n : i am late]
in the meantime G drive really seems to work fine, but only via chrome [then one can download folders even with their content]
Good to know that you got this thing sorted out. That's one of the reasons why I also prefer Google Drive over other clouds.
I also prefer using Google Drive rather than Dropbox and One Drive. No complaints, really.
I've had issues with Google Drive with some syncing stuff but it's a really weird error which I think happens since it's constantly trying to sync. I prefer Dropbox for that reason :)
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