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Google Earth: how do I leave a pin?

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I'm searching for homes, some in remote areas, and Google Earth is amazingly useful. However on my Samsung S21FE, I don't get how to leave a pin. I can create the pin (long press--there it is, coordinates in a box), but after I x out of the info box below, the pin is gone. I need the pin on the map....w/NO BOX. What do I do? (Seems like this should be super simple.)
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How to Drop a Pin in Google Maps on Your Computer or Phone

Yeah, that's exactly what I did before posting this thread.....googled it, got that link, tried it. What happens is the pin will be created, "but after I x out of the info box below, the pin is gone." I've tried tapping, pressing, long pressing, etc., but nothing changes; the pin goes away. Maybe I'm missing something basic....??
My guess is you are missing the SAVE aspect of the dropped pin
please see SAVE on link provided
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