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Hello, how are yourl, 1st of all, hope youre good

done with the formalities, down to business

So from yesterday, on the midst of a busy a day work, in the early morning, I opened google to search something, I cant remember at this point what, lol, must of been a link i already had opened, that makes more sense, yes, so anyway, when i opened to search something at work, i noticed that my search results aren't displaying properly at all, look at the screenshots, its showing as links, just links. the description below the link has vanished, as an IT guy myself, this would of been a no brainer to fix, ive done all the necessary to-do's, (restarts, shutdowns, cleanups, scans, reset google chrome, etc) but still to my defeat, to make this entire situation 100x better, Its difficult to pinpoint the place of issue, as its synced to google on my phone, so displays the same, just links

I'm currently actually using MS Edge (eww), How does one fix google without using google to fix google? If i sign-out of my account and use google, theres no issues, its Sunshine and Sunflowers, unicorns and Flamingos, Nutella and Doritos lol

Please help me someone, some kind stranger perhaps, please and Oh so thank you!
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I get the same thing with all browsers if I am full screen. I suspect you were not full screen at the time and now you are maximized.
[F11] toggles mot browsers between Normal Maximized and I call it Kiosk mode. (I.e. The browser stuff at the top and bottom disappear/return).

You can also press [Ctrl][+] a few times to enlarge/zoom-in and then [Ctrl][-] to shrink/zoom-out of what you are seeing in many browsers (and other programs). If you have a mouse with a scroll wheel, holding down [Ctrl] while moving the scroll wheel forward and back does the same.
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