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It is with sadness that I must leave TSG. I do not leave in anger, and I will miss all of you greatly.

I cannot say why i leave TSG, but It has to be done , i will miss each of you everyday

TSG is a wonderful place and i am sad to leave, but again, i have to , i hope you can understand

i would like to thank all of you for all the help and support you have offerd me:)

you are all the best, and this is the best site in the world:up:


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Sorry to hear that Dylan! :( I hope you have a very Happy New Year...and I hope as you wander through end up back here! :) Parting is such sweet sorrow....*HUGS*....


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Hello poochee!!! :)

Hello Dylan if you perchance drop by! :) *HUGS*
Thanks JEB!! :)
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