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It is with sadness that I must leave TSG. I do not leave in anger, and I will miss all of you greatly.

I cannot say why i leave TSG, but It has to be done , i will miss each of you everyday

TSG is a wonderful place and i am sad to leave, but again, i have to , i hope you can understand

i would like to thank all of you for all the help and support you have offerd me:)

you are all the best, and this is the best site in the world:up:


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I'm still trying to figure out what's going on :confused: As usual, I guess I'll be the last to figure it out........
lexmarks567 said:
this much we know

southparkxp101 is leaving TSG for some reasion and can't say why :(
It is so much clearer for me now :rolleyes:

Thanks for that :p
lexmarks567 said:
your welcome :p :p :p glad I could help :D anything else you want help with :D
Yeah, how about packing my luggage for the next 3 months :eek:
lexmarks567 said:
when he said he can't say why it means hes not allowed IM betting its microsoft thats does not want him on so I told him to quit is job if they are trying to cut you off from the outside world find another job no job has the right to cut you off from friends or family I don't care
Ok, I'm lost even more :confused:
help4me, shed those wings, they just don't become you :eek:

lexmarks567 said:
what it is is that hes on here for free helping us and they don't like that so they are cutting him off thats got to be it and they won't let him say sounds like a conspiricy to me
Missed this earlier. Perhaps they really EXPECT HIM TO WORK instead of being on the internet :eek:
lexmarks567 said:
might have had some run ins with mods and he felt he was treated unfairly.he said

I asked them to delete my account but those (CWLMST] won't do it
I'm sorry to reply to a closed thread, not to mention so many days ago, but I feel compelled to reply..........The request to delete an account was very vague.....and was requested for a couple of months only...........something is strange here ;)
1 - 7 of 87 Posts
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