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It is with sadness that I must leave TSG. I do not leave in anger, and I will miss all of you greatly.

I cannot say why i leave TSG, but It has to be done , i will miss each of you everyday

TSG is a wonderful place and i am sad to leave, but again, i have to , i hope you can understand

i would like to thank all of you for all the help and support you have offerd me:)

you are all the best, and this is the best site in the world:up:


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I'm going to miss you! :(

Hope everything goes OK and hope to see you back soon!:up:
lexmarks567 said:
what it is is that hes on here for free helping us and they don't like that so they are cutting him off thats got to be it and they won't let him say sounds like a conspiricy to me
Thanks for that info! So sorry to hear that.:(
telecom69 said:
I will miss him too,I did send him a pm when he said he was going,but he wouldnt say why,just that "he would be back someday,maybe in a month or maybe a year" I liked the guy,always pleasant and sometimes very witty....hope he's back sooner rather than later ...
1 - 5 of 87 Posts
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