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It is with sadness that I must leave TSG. I do not leave in anger, and I will miss all of you greatly.

I cannot say why i leave TSG, but It has to be done , i will miss each of you everyday

TSG is a wonderful place and i am sad to leave, but again, i have to , i hope you can understand

i would like to thank all of you for all the help and support you have offerd me:)

you are all the best, and this is the best site in the world:up:


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Sorry to see you go south - be careful around those gators.
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lexmarks567 said:
when he said he can't say why it means hes not allowed IM betting its microsoft thats does not want him on so I told him to quit is job if they are trying to cut you off from the outside world find another job no job has the right to cut you off from friends or family I don't care
If that's it - it's not fair. But can they tell you where you can go or talk to if your're at home on your own time?
I'm still confused about it all - maybe someday it will come to light
Hi Bonnie :)

Hope you are well and things are smoother for you.

help4me said:
Just let it be....... SP knows whats best for him....... :)
I agree, but I'm the kind of person who gets attached, not easily but when I do, I feel a loss when that person is no longer around.

A friend who didn't live real close died resently. I thought about him once or twice a week and never called to say hi. Then he's gone - I suffered a loss and it was my loss because I could have been there for him.

I guess this is the same for south too. I respect his decision and would never bother the guy, but none the less, I feel a loss and confused as to why he left.
dotty999 said:
sometimes it's not that easy to "just let it be" if you have become fond of a Tsg member and they leave without explanation, it's because we care, that we like to know if they are having a problem which may be helped by having a chat to a friend and if not, we like to allay our own concerns about our friendships we make here by confirmation that they are indeed ok and that is nice to hear it directly from them then acceptance follows easier:)
You do have a way with words. :)
I sure hope so :up: What happened to OS? I didn't know he left

Hi poochee :)
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