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Good flier maker program

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i am the president of an organization and i need a good program that is capable of making good fliers that we can email and print out and post.

i am talking about these kinds of fliers:

which program is good in doing that kind of work (publicity?).

thank you
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!!In Design CS!! It's the best; web,print,make.
Try it.

Open is a great open source office suite. It's very similar to Microsoft Office in features including a spreadsheet program, word processing, and a desktop publishing program.
Think of Open Office as the Linux equivelant to Office suites. It's community supported, easy to use, lots of documentation and free. Best of all because it's open source and community supported it gets better all the time.
You need a simple image editor that will handle layers and text. If you have the patience to learn it, Gimp for Windows is free and capable:

Photoshop Elements, PhotoImpact and Paint Shop Pro are all very capable programs you can buy. I’ve seen PhotoImpact 7 quite cheap on Ebay – there is a newer version but the next older one is fine. If you can buy academic software you could probably pick up one of the latest versions at a good price.

I’ve used InDesign 2 for a year now and still wouldn’t be as comfortable designing something like that in InDesign as I would in Photoshop. InDesign will surely do it, but it is pricey and has a learning curve. Simple desktop publishing programs probably couldn’t handle the layers you might need.
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