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Glitch in Searching Posts by Member Name

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I was helping a member and wanted to add a link to an old post by a retired mod, JohnWill. I put SOHO into the text search box and started to type JohnWill in the "Search for posts by" box. A drop-down list of possible names appeared, but his name wasn't one of them. The closest on the list was johnwish. I was able to enter the full name and got the desired search results. Shouldn't JohnWill have been one of the suggested member names?
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It's not a glitch Chuck but rather by design. It's aimed to only show users who have been active recently so as to return more relevant results as there is a limitation on the number of names that can appear in the drop down menu. I'm not sure what the period of time is but I think it's 6 months. Typing the full name will still return what you're looking for, as you saw.
Thank you for the explanation, Cookiegal.
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