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Hello All

I've been through most of the threads on how to make a network boot cd for Ghost. Non of which actually get to the point of how to do this correctly. I don't want to create a cd with a ghost image file on it, so please don't refer me to symantics link about creating a bootable cd.

Here is our situation.

Normally, we would use floppies to create a mapped network boot disk using Ghost Corporate 8. It would install the network card drivers and map the network drive just fine. But now the floppies are getting to be a real pain because they get corrupted or damaged.

I've used nero to make a bootable cd using the network floppy disk we currently have from ghost. The problem is I get to "waiting for DHCP Server"
sector not found writing to drive a:
abort, retry, fail

Looks like it's trying to write the ip address from the dhcp server to the cd, which is not possible as it's a cd not a floppy.

Does anyone know how to properly do this? Or have proper instructions?

I know about this page, but it's like reading German:

Thanks in advance
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