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Ghost and NTFS

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I have 2 questions:

First question: If I take a ghost image (boot drive) from my existing HD. Then add a brand new HD which would be the master. Then put ghost image to it. Would this work?

Second question: I have used win98 boot disk for accessing command prompt (Ghost 6.5), but now I converted the file system from FAT32 to NTFS (OS: Win2000pro). Now I can't see those NTFS drives with this Win98 boot disk. So my first question is, what should I do? How do I now take images?

I hope you understanded :)
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first answer: yup...should work fine.

second answer: not sure what you mean by "take images", but if whether you mean create a new image or write your existing to the new HD, you will want to be using a Ghost boot disk. I have Ghost 2003 (so I'm not sure about 6.5) and I just make the boot floppy right there in the prog.
A Win98 boot disk will see only Fat partitions. You are getting a normal indication. Win2k has a series of 4 floppies you can download and write to floppy.

Only Ghost 2003 will write to a NTFS partition. All will ghost a NTFS – they just have to store it on a FAT partition. If your 6.5 is the enterprise edition it think it stores fine on NTFS, but if that is an old standard edition you can only store on FAT.

A ghost floppy should access any image on a FAT partition. You can either write or restore an image using the ghost floppy.

Your best bet is the System Works Pro 2003 CD for $10 from Eagle that included Ghost 2003. I won’t bother looking up the link unless you are willing to reveal your secret location since it is only good in the US.
I have a whole drawer full of those NSW Pro 2003 CD's, I sell them for a lot more than $10. :D
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