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Getting rid of cache files

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Ok I have an annoying situation. DH was looking at a bit of naughty stuff, for maybe 10 minutes, well he asked me to clear it off the computer so that the kids didn't stumble upon it. So I cleared the TEMP FILES(OFFLINE CONTENT TOO), COOKIES,HISTORY, Ran Norton cleanup, ran adaware, emptied the cache files from norton and the norton protected files and then restarted and went to a page called content audit that will scan for adult content and tell you where it's at on your computer. I went there to make sure I had gotten it all off. Well there is still some files in the temp internet files that I simply can't find or delete. I have Windows xp and use internet explorer typically and never had a problem before fully getting this crap off the computer, But we downloaded netscape the otherday and Now I can't get these files off the computer, so I deleted Netscape thinking that was the problem and that didn't help. I even downloaded and ran Spider and THOSE stupid cache files are still there. I have a print out of what the names of the individual files are and I COULD do a search for each individual one and delete them that way However there are about 100 of them( WHich is ridiculous since DH only looked for about 10 minutes) So How do I get rid of them completely? I am not sure what else to do? Suggestions anyone, besides braining DH over the head for looking at smut LOL, Thanks
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If you have multiple users created on your machine then try logging in as a person other than who viewed those adult sites and see if you are still getting the files that you think you deleted.
Be aware that contentwatch are in the business of selling software. I just visited contentwatch for a scan and I refused a scan as they requested my e-mail address before a scan.
If you have deleted your temporary internet files and cannot find the said files I would assume that they are gone.

Spider provides various index.dat histories. This information relates to your past surfing activity. Deleting your internet cookies, temporary internet files and history will not delete your index.dat.

All your surfing history since time began is recorded in your index.dat.

I wouldn't worry.

Hope this helps.

Spider will not only show what is in your index.dat files, it will (if working correctly) delete them as well

Try this drill for doing a DOS level cleanup of your cache. It's more thorough than Windows.

Click Start>Shutdown>Restart in MS-DOS mode.

At the c:\windows\> prompt enter each bold line:

deltree tempor~1
deltree temp
deltree history
deltree locals~1\tempor~1

(you may get an error message on this last one (locals~1), just skip to "exit" if you do, it just means you don't have that directory)

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