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getting old analogue music into MP3 format

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I am gonna buy a "MP3" player

one thing I wanna do is transfer my old vinyl collection and audio cassetes (D90's from the eighties and nineties) to electronic format

any ideas on how best to do this?

and do I need to choose my new MP3 player carefully in order to support me in this
(or is this something I can do by buying some soft/hard-ware for my PC, and downloading the files onto the MP3 player) ?

many thanks in advance
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it'll take so long and the quality won't be very good unless your records are in top nick and tapes would be real crappy it would be quicker to download the songs as mp3 already
not to sure if its legal but it should be if you already own them i guess it depends on laws in your country its ok here in australia
valis said:
actually, I've got about 120 albums on vinyl and they transferred perfectly. Used a high end turntable and it sounds better than most of my other mp3's.

But I am still convinced that a good turntable sounds better than any cd out there.
that may be correct for old cd's but now the quality is much better and cd's use a much better sampling rate etc

the time it would take should be considered and expense of turntable etc

the thing that your hearing as better is actually analog smoothing which happens instead of digital clipping, so you're not actually hearing it you're feeling it, this sometimes particularly on old cd's makes them sound harsh which is why nowdays we record digital and then put it on to tape before final mastering it smooths out beautifully
ask any sound engineer they can explain it better than me
i felt the same way until it was proved to me by my bass player who has a degree in sound engineering and his own studio:)
192kHz/24-bit dvd
we record in 32bit to give more control of individual sounds but mixdown to standard 16bit
really good audio is live performance imho records cd's dvd's don't even get close
ipods suck mp3 suck wav is good but files get huge
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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