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getting old analogue music into MP3 format

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I am gonna buy a "MP3" player

one thing I wanna do is transfer my old vinyl collection and audio cassetes (D90's from the eighties and nineties) to electronic format

any ideas on how best to do this?

and do I need to choose my new MP3 player carefully in order to support me in this
(or is this something I can do by buying some soft/hard-ware for my PC, and downloading the files onto the MP3 player) ?

many thanks in advance
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do you have a good turntable?
well, there's step one. Step two is some app, I think it's called audacity or something.....I have to head out now, but I will google it for you tomorrow if nobody else answers tonight....but you need something that PLAYS the vinyl in order to get it OFF the vinyl......after that, it's really quite easy.

And with vinyl, remember; quality definitely counts. It would be worthwhile to see if you have any friends with some high end turntables.
guitar said:
it'll take so long and the quality won't be very good unless your records are in top nick and tapes would be real crappy it would be quicker to download the songs as mp3 already
actually, I've got about 120 albums on vinyl and they transferred perfectly. Used a high end turntable and it sounds better than most of my other mp3's.

But I am still convinced that a good turntable sounds better than any cd out there.
t bone said:
here's a link for audacity that valis was talking about.
after you install it youi need to go here and download the lame encoder...make sure you follow the directions for unzipping and installing.
this encoder allows you to save as mp3 after you record.

i've had good luck with audacity, best part is it's free. it also has some basic cleanup effects.
thanks, t bone. Thought it was audacity, but this was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away that I transferred those.
yeah, I really enjoyed the ease of use with audacity....I still miss the ol' turntable, and I stll have all my vinyl, as 'one day' I will have another matter what everyone says, I still feel that the best sound is from a high-end turntable with equally high-end speakers.....good music demands teh best. :)

however, with a 2 year old, that is simply a recipe for disaster.
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