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Hello , I'm new here and I've been getting these Bsod's. It began when I was playing a game called "The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim". While i was playing I got a Bsod randomly.

Afterwards i got more even when not playing the game. So i searched the internet to see if i could fix it. But it didn't help , then if i tried to start up my pc and it loaded the desktop i got a Bsod. I could only enter safe mode without a Bsod. So then i reinstalled Windows 7 and it all worked fine without Bsod's.

But when i tried to play a game it went all slow and laggy and then i get the Blue Screen again. And now it stays that way , everytime i play a 3d game i get a Bsod.

I mostly get Error code 0x80000000000000MEMORY_MANAGEMENT

And some thing with DEVICE DRIVER ATTACHMENT , which i couldn't read in time.
I think it has something to do with my Memory RAM.

So i was wondering if someone can help me.
If you need more information please notify.


I added event logs in the attachments if they help.


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