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Generate an old number

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Hey y'all!!! Ok, so my mom had a number that she was forces (literally) to give up by a carrier. The original carrier of that number still owns it. But since it's inactive and no one has it, they told me I have to go online and find a website or app that generates numbers. They said this would cost and to scroll down to the bottom of the web pages before I purchase bc some sites/apps may not be secure!!! Ok, I can not find anywhere that will generate a specific number!!!! HELP!?!?
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Hi, And welcome to TSG. Assuming she is in the USA, has your mom tried contacting her current carrier about them porting her number from the original carrier to her current service?
my mom had a number that she was forces (literally) to give up by a carrier.
Something isn't right.

Phone companies are required by law to port your number out when you start service with a new carrier.
I guess I left out a piece of information guys, I'm sorry! She hasn't had the number for a couple of years now but the number she wants, isn't being used by anyone its just inactive with T-Mobile.
According to their website, you need to use their app to restore an old phone number you had with them that is inactive. Below, is a listing of the information I found regarding this. Now, if the time gap is 2 years, you may have to contact their Support for assistance.


T-Mobile app
  1. From the T-Mobile app home screen.
  2. Select Line suspended: Temporary vacation hold.
  3. Select Yes, Reactivate.

Can I change my number back to my old number T-Mobile?

We do actually have a way of requesting your old number back depending on how long ago you had it changed. Just Contact Us when you have some time and let them know you want your old number back. Did this topic help you find an answer to your question?May 21, 2017

can i recover my number i recently had changed

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