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ge force fx 5200 256mb pci

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right come on i want a straight honist answer is the ge force fx 5200 pci 256mb graphics card from bfb rubbish
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Hmm...yes. It wouldn't even be that good if it was AGP.
The FX5600 and FX5700 are available in PCI although somewhat hard to find.
will182 said:
i have an agp slot but i am wanting to run doom 3 and hl2 and unreal tournament witch runs well slow on all high and i only like playing games on the highest setting
If you have AGP do not consider a PCI video card. PCI does not have the bandwidth nor is it solely used for one device such as AGP. Wiht AGP you have a massive selection available for video cards. For Doom3 and HL consider nothing less then a 9800 PRO or 6600GT. Yes both will run on lower hardware and pretty well on the mid ranged cards but you won't be able to get the best frame rates or visual quality. Doom 3 cannot even run super smoothly on a 9800 when the settings are cranked.
If you go into the driver settings of the video card and set all the settings to the highest, including the AntiAliasing and Anistropic Filtering and turn on the Aliasing and all the effects in Doom 3 you can apparently lag in some spots even on the Radeon 9800XT. Now this was a while back and both ATI and Nvidia have made driver improvements, with Nvidia cards generally leading in Doom 3. Also note that something like the 6600GT has features and settings not available on the FX5200 to improve visual quality which can impact frame rates when the settings are increased.

As for your freezing, probably caused by too high overclocking or lack of cooling.

Depending on your FX5200 it might be either 64 or 128bit, for the memory interface. The 5700 can be either 64 or 128 bit as well but the 5700LE is no better then a FX5200. Clock speeds aside that will make a big difference - the 9800XT, X800, or 6800 are 256 bit. The 5700's use a different core from the FX5200. Overclocking the memory, GPU, and using the latest drivers while keeping an eye on the temps will work to get the most out of your card but you'd be hard pressed to get it to a 5700Ultra performance level even if you have a 5200Ultra.
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Your video driver may need to be reinstalled. First go to Add/Remove programs and unisntall the Nvidia driver. Then download and run Driver Cleaner: Make sure you reboot whenever requested. then downlaod the latest driver from and install that.

if you have any tweaking utilities the problem might be with them, so uninstalling and reinstalling those.
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