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Garbled Music on Micro SD Card

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Hello all,

I have this odd problem on my micro sd that has been slotted in my Huawei Mate 9 for a few months now, I use it to store and play my own music that I download through a program called AVC (Any Video Converter) on a PC and convert it to MP3 files.

They play beautifully, only that over time may it be months or weeks, some songs turn garbled for some reason. In a folder of 100 songs, three have gone very weird, I have over twenty folders of music, one has been affected for a while, note that this also has been a problem with my older phone as well on a Huawei Y7 pro (2012).
I can easily just download a new song to overwrite the jarbled one, but recently a new song I just got two weeks ago started having the same issue in a seperate folder.

I tried to see what may be wrong, so I scanned the card on my phone with McAfee antivirus app- nothing wrong.
So I put the card on my Windows 10 computer and had a listen, they're still jarbled via the card, I copied a single song to the desktop and it's still the same.
I scanned the file itself, scanned the card, defragged it and scanned for drive errors, all come out fine.

I'd like to figure out how and why they became this way, all of my songs have been downloaded the same way and copied over via USB C cable to the SD card. I want to pinpoint why only these particular songs were affected, how, and how can I stop this from happening in the future.

I have attached two samples of affected songs, the first with little jarble, the second is worse. I'd really appreciate if we can get to the bottom of this.
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Sounds like the files are being corrupted. Could be the process of moving the card from device to device, or could simply be a bad card.
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