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gaobot/agobot help please!

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I know many of you are probably tired of hearing about gaobot and agobot viruses. however i have a unique problem.

i friend of mine (really, not me) has recently got a new computer hes really excited about. unfortunately hes got the gaobot/agobot viruses.

his computer is always running slowly as four or five unknown processes always take up his cpu usage. these processes are:


they generally take up about 50% of cpu and change continuously among each process.

after some research i figure these must be agobot and gaobot and possibly some other trojans. now heres the unique part.

if he tries to run msconfig or access the internet or norton anti-virus, they all immediately shut down after a few seconds. so any virus scans, or online virus scans, or downloads of fixes (or any internet access) it seems are out of the question.

I suggested trying to restore his comp to an earlier time but no luck. i've suggested him start in safemode and try to run a virus check to find out specific viruses, no luck.

any suggestions are grealty, greatly appreciated.

btw, he lives a few hours away so im unable to burn files/fixes for him and copy them instead of downloading them.

thanks for any help,

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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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