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i have a pretty good gaming laptop, not top of the line but good i7 128gb ssdr 1tb storage gforce 1050i gtx 16gb ram and im wondering why my laptop feels like its gonna melt from heat ... my exact laptop is lenovo legion y530 with the 8th gen i7 and 16gb ram not the lower one. how do i change settings to make it less hot.
im playing divinity 2 and paths of exile and it sounds like the fan is gonna blow up and the laptop is 2 weks old
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assuming the laptop is under warranty take it back
I do have all the warrentys plus extra but was wondering is it normal to sound like the fan is working overtime? Never had a laptop for gaming just a basic i3 work horse.
Maybe just the fan sounds bigger? The same is true for the Xiaomi notebook.
Thanks sounds like thats the consensus online.
This may sound like a dumb question:

Are you using that laptop on a hard flat surface, or are you using it on your lap or some other soft surface?

Not a dumb question lol Hard Flat surface.
Does that laptop run at a somewhat normal temperature when you're not gaming, or does it run hot all of the time?

I did some researching on it, and there are several complaints about it overheating.

I use my laptop without the battery and place it under my laptop so air can circulate and it's not sitting on a flat surface which can cause overheating
its fine when I dont play games but any game I play and it starts heating up fast
have you considered air circulation as it helps to keep the laptop from overheating and shutting down
I think it's somewhat normal. I have a Dell Precision 5520 laptop workstation with a Geforce GPU (forget which model), 16GB of RAM, i7 processor, and 512GB M.2 NVMe drive. When I do graphics intensive stuff, the laptop does run quite warm and the fans spin up pretty fast.

It just follows when you load down the laptop that the processor and GPU will be working harder and generating more heat. This is why I still have a desktop gaming box. I'm able to get better/faster hardware for less money than a laptop. And there is the ability to cool the hardware better with a desktop chassis.
You could try a cooling pad like this
thank you the info was alot of help guys and gals
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