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Games aren't running like they should!

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I built my PC roughly three years ago, the build is as follows:

Processor: AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7870 1GB OC Edition

Now the majority of games that come out recently I check online whether or not my PC Specs will be enough to run them, the latest example being Overwatch. Based on several check websites they all say I should be able to run it at high settings with no issue, this is not the case. About six months ago I found that I struggle to play games smoothly at mid settings, even things like Minecraft. Need advice on what area of the PC may be the suspect and need changed, the only thing that concerns me is that the hard drives I'm using are maybe 7 years old.

Many thanks, Lusignan
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AMD Phenom II X4 955 3.40 GHz processor
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AMD Radeon HD 7870 graphics
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You didn't describe the motherboard, so I'm going to assume it has 8 GB of DDR3 RAM.

That processor and graphics card use a combined total of 300 watts.
When you factor in the power needs of the other hardware and the demands of gaming, knowing what brand name/model number/wattage power supply is in your computer might be helpful.

If your computer has too many running processes and/or is infested with malware/spyware, that can have a negative impact on your gaming.

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If I were you I'd do a deep cleaning of the computer, looking for Spyware/malware that may use your RAM and CPU-power. Also defrag your HDD regularly. Check that you only have necessary processes in the background.
From my experience websites like System Requirements Lab are a hit and miss. Sometimes, it'll say I won't be able to run a game well, and when I buy it, it turns out I can indeed run it well. Also, there are times where it'll say I can run a game on recommended settings, yet when I get that game it doesn't work out very well and I have to return it. Thanks Steam!

But I digress. Your card is about four years old with only one gigabyte of video RAM. It can achieve some okay benchmarking scores, but a game like Overwatch is fairly demanding—so it sounds normal to me that you're struggling to run it. Don't be fooled by its cartoonish graphics. Also, Minecraft has been a serious resource hog with it relying on Java. I think they're still using Java today, but I could be wrong.
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