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what exactly do you need it to be able to do. If your looking for something quick and simple you can actually use IE to ftp to a site. I use html-kit to write and upload pages, but you can't upload folders and only one file at a time. Finally I've also used a program which is pretty good called WS_FTP LE you can download it for free of here
in any case good luck.

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Easy to use FTP . Freeware .


FTP - Commander 5.20 >
FTP Commander is simple and easy to use. It's really the bare minimum
with no extra frills or thrills. It offers a no-nonsense interface
consisting of two side-by-side local computer and FTP server panels.
The latter contains a list of about a dozen pre-set FTP servers.
It's easy as pie to establish a connection. All you have to do is
select the server you want on the list and push the Connect button.
Pre-configuring a list of most frequently accessed servers will make
your life even easier. An application also enables users to execute
two-way file exchanges and activate multiple downloads.
FTP Commander also makes it possible to run programs located on local
disks, or view documents. The program occupies far less space on
hard drives and RAM than other similar paid programs. It also allows
you to delete, rename and and copy files, create and delete
directories in the FTP server and work in command line mode.
A session log file is also available. And what is more, the program
is absolutely free and does not contain any annoying ad banners.
Download 450k


WS_FTP LE for Windows 95/98/NT (X86 Version)
Version 5.08 Release Notes for the following applications:
WS_FTP LE "classic" user interface ,

EFTP 2 Product Info
Encrypted File Transfer Protocol™ release 2 is the fast, easy way to
send and receive files to and from your PC. With data transfer rates
literally unaffected by real time encryption mode, the perfect
solution for total security. Just install it, configure it much like
any other server/client program and it's ready to use. Compatible with
most other Server or Client based programs in non encrypted mode.
EFTP is a 32bit combined Client/Server which incorporates up to 448bit
blowfish encryption (The Blowfish algorithm has been placed in the
public domain and may be used in any manner, commercial or non
commercial, without a license) and the FTP protocol (RFC 959
implementation) to provide secure file transfers over TCP/IP based
networks (The Internet). EFTP works 100% with other FTP
Clients/Servers in non-encrypted mode, and provides strong encryption
when the remote and local hosts both use EFTP.

Blowfish is a symmetric block cipher. It takes a variable-length key,
from 32 bits to 448 bits. Blowfish was designed in 1993 by Bruce
Schneier as a fast, free alternative to existing encryption algorithms.
Blowfish is unpatented and license-free, and is available free for all


Stable & Reliable
Encryption Mode
Easy to use Interface
Firewall Compatibility
Installs No DLL's
System Requirements:
IBM Compatable PC
Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP

This program is FREE for public domain use only.

Encrypted File Transfer Protocol , release2
, eftp2setup


SendTo FTP , &
SendTo FTP is an easy-to-use file transfer program for sending files
from your local PC to a remote host, very handy and time saving for
web page publishing and updating. It will make your file uploading
one click away.

SendTo FTP 2.2 ,, new release on February 4, 2001
To use SendTo FTP, select the files you want to send in Windows
Explorer or My Computer in Windows 9X/ME or NT4.0/2000, click right
mouse button to popup the popupmenu, and choose SendTo FTP in Send To

When use SendTo FTP for the first time, fill in the hostname, address,
username and password. The last used details will be saved in Windows
Registry. The second time you use it, only thing to do is press OK.
If you have used it for several different host accounts, pull down the
host edit box to retrieve the used details.

If you choose to put your files in a sub-directory but not sure which
directory to put into, pull down the sub-directory edit box, SendTo
FTP will get the directory list from the remote host for you. Pull
down the sub-directory edit box while you already have a directory
name in it, SendTo FTP will get further sub-directories in that

Hold down Ctrl or Shift key to select more than one file in Windows
Explorer or My Computer. The average maximum number of files you can
send at a time is about 10, depends on the file path length. If you
see a message "Access to the specified device, path, or file is
denied" when use SendTo FTP, that is because you select too many
files at a time and Windows 98/NT doesn't like it.

Has right click feature .


ctp2000_setup >
Crystal FTP is a modern FTP client designed to take full advantage of
the multitasking possibilities in Windows 95/NT 4.0. You can
communicate with almost any FTP server on the Internet. It allows you
to send, receive, rename, and delete files and folders on a remote
FTP site. You can transfer,simultaneously, more than 20 files while
browsing around your present connection. It also allows you to
manipulate entire folder structures with a single click of the mouse.
The built-in task manager gives the user a full overview of all active
FTP tasks, while the built-in buffer system minimizes the time used to
list the FTP site folders. You can send files and folders directly
from WinZIP, your desktop, or from the File Explorer.
Size 910 KB
Version 2000 Build 60
Crystal FTP Pro is a full featured FTP client for beginners and
experts. Besides supporting all the standard FTP operations, it has
some nice and cool features up its sleeve. Among those features is the
multi-transfer-queue, which let you download up to 8 files at the
same time while you can still browse the FTP site. You can even play
the built-in Tetris game while downloading!. There are tons of other
cool features packed into this piece of software, such as leech mode,
folder compare, mp3 tagging, auto reconnect on kick, clipboard
monitoring and the simple intuitive interface is also a nice feature
in itself!


TYPSoft FTP Server remote DoS

Title 13/9/2000
TYPSoft FTP Server remote DoS

TYPSoft FTP is a Freeware FTP server, with all the necessary features
to facilitate beginners and advanced users. The product is vulnerable
to an attack, allowing remote attackers to cause a Denial of Service
attack against the product.

TYPSoft FTP Server does not correctly deal with long commands over
2048 bytes. Therefore, by sending a long 'user', 'pass', 'cwd', etc,
attackers can cause the server to hang and consume system resources.
The process will not be active until it is manually restarted.

In addition, by disconnecting immediately after connection is
initiated attackers can cause the server to crash.

Simple script to send a long 'user' command to the server, resulting
in the ftpd crashing.

File to Mail >
Send files from Windows Explorer with two mouse clicks!


FTP servers


Extract from ,
3D FTP. A File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a necessary tool if you
maintain a Web site and need to upload or download files to and from
the site. You have a lot of choices in FTP, many are free, some cost
entirely too much, and we all have our own preferences. I just began
using 3D FTP, and my preference is rapidly leaning toward it. If the
decision was based only on looks and feel alone, 3D FTP would be at the
top of the heap with full skin support and customizable appearance. But
most impressive (to me) is the transfer speed, up to 10 times that
of its competitors. Speeds are displayed by visual bar and histograms,
and nonstop file transfers and resumed interrupted transfers are
supported. Drag-and-drop capabilities and scheduling make transfers a
breeze. I've only scratched the surface, but you can experiment with
3D FTP, and it's free at Or, gain more desktop
space and remove the ads and nag screen with a $29.90 purchase.

Quick and Dirty FTP
Now that IE has added drag-and-drop File Transfer Protocol or FTP support, you might think that
you can throw your old WS_FTP or CuteFTP out the door. Not quite. IE still lacks some serious
bells and whistles, but as a rudimentary tool, it does an adequate job. Say you want to upload
your latest baby photos to your Web site. Type an FTP address (such as -- you
don't need to type the ftp:// part), and you'll notice that IE's icon on the Windows taskbar has
changed to a folder with a tiny globe. What do you know, that's a regular window. You can grab
one of the files from it and drop it to any folder on your hard disk or to the Desktop.

But if you're trying to FTP your way into a password-protected site (such as your own), you'll
need to go through an extra step. By default, IE assumes that your username is Anonymous, which
all-open FTP sites allow into their doors. But to tell it your real username and password,
select File/Login As and fill in the necessary information. The bad news: IE has a bug -- or
feature -- that prevents it from remembering your information from session to session, so you
need to repeat that step each time you log on to your site.

NOTE: If you don't see a folder view on an FTP page, you might need to enable it. Select
Tools/Internet Options, scroll down to Browsing, and click next to "Enable folder view for FTP

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jmatt, I think you overdid it. But that is ok. I am going to try about 6 of them out. I should find one I like by then and I will post back saying which one I liked best.
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