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I've been searching like crazy for an answer but couldn't find/understand one.

Here is the issue:
i have set up an FTP server on my Home NAS, it all works great locally from any browser (using default ftp client browser has).
i try to access it from outside my house from a browser or windows CMD i get a "530 User <username> cannot log in".
BUT here is the weird part when i used the online client it worked.

to save time i will write down all the things i already did:
1) i port forwarded almost all ports (just to be sure)[start:19,end:65534]
2) i have restart every device i have, including the ftp server.
3) i left it on default port 21.
4) i don't know if this is useful but i think the FTPserver the NAS is using is

Thank you in advance !!!
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