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FrontPage 2000

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I am using FrontPage 2000 for web site development. I want to use data query output to be displayed through web page.
When 'Database Result' is used for this and when tried for new database connection for SQL Server, it gives following error :

Class not registered

Source: ADO
Number: -2147221164 (0x80040154)

Please help.

Rajan Vaidya
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If you are creating a component it has to be registered on the web server. What does the connection string look like? It's a lot better to code everything by hand than rely on FP to mess things up for you. I am not sure why everyone insists on using FP when there are better development environments out there. Tried Visual InterDev before and that royally messed things up.
Rajan Vaidya , is ASP a option. If so, I think I can help you out with this.
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