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frequent disconnects

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This isn't a call for help. Actually, it's a "thank you" to this site and section. I've had frequent internet disconnections for the past 6 months or more -- sometimes 4 or 5 over a 5 or 10 minute period, before everything seemed to settle down. I had tried elsewhere for help, and did everything everybody suggested -- with some improvement. But, the problem seemed to persist. Then a couple of days ago while browsing here I tried one of the suggestions: Connection Keeper, and it has worked perfectly. Not a single disconnect in the last two days since installation.

So, thank you!

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:confused: Sad to say, I jumped the gun. For the first two days, I had no disconnects. But today, my connection has terminated three times.

Apparently, I still have this ongoing problem.

Any suggestions?
Hi MRBEE,Could be alot of things that cause you to lose your internet connection.Lets start with the easy stuff first.Go to Start>Run>type in Msinfo32>click ok.When the system information window opens,click on the + sign next to software environment>click startup programs>click edit>select all>click edit,copy and paste the page back here.

Thanks for the input. However, my connections seems to be stabilized. So, before I start with all the work, I think I'll let it ride for awhile.
If it only disconnects infrequently -- like once every couple of days or less -- I's rather just put up with it. Maybe "Connection Keeper" is doing the trick after all. But, if it starts acting up again, I'll do what you say and get back with you. I am printing and saving your post.
Try this:

Go to:

Control Panel/Modems/Connections/Extra Settings

Delete what is there and enter:

s10=60 (use no spaces)

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