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First of all my computer specs:
MSI GX 700 E extreme edition
8600 m GT
2gb ram

My laptop freeze whenever i play newer games. The laptop is 2 years old.
I can make diablo 2 run, but other games. As soon as i start a dx9 game, the screen goes black, the music stops and i have to unplug the power cable in order to reset the pc.

What i have tried so far
-Reinstall os: both tried xp32, vista32
-Installed like 15 video card drivers(i know how to uninstall-install them)
-tested gpu temps: idle 50, load around 75 80
-tested CPU temps:idle 50, load: 98++(i stopped prime 95 since this seemed too hot)

What i am assuming: CPU temps
Diablo 2 is not using the cpu that much so thats why i am not freezing there. BUT THEN AGAIN why didnt i freeze at desktop while prime 95 was running. This is really getting annoying

Can you advise me something?

help would be appreciated

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