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I have a virus, i'm pretty sure at least. That none of the scans I have done have been able to pick up. I got it shortly after shutting down and restarting my computer, after installing a program called freecorder.
I am unable to boot in normal mode for more than a few seconds, then everything goes crazy.

What I mean is, the screens i have open freeze, i can't open the start menu (or if it does, i can't click anything). I cannot connect to the internet, nor can I open any programs to scan for malware in normal boot. I have done a clean boot with no success. I have scanned with McAfee stinger, kaspersky TDSkiller, Malwarebytes, as well as normal malware cleaner. with no results.
I cannot update my virus software to scan so I am thinking this may be the problem.

So, to make it a bit more simple. I've got Win vista 32-bit 3gb ram, 250gb hard drive (w/ only 30+gb free) but that hasn't caused any problems.
I've got alot of important stuff on here,and i plan on buying an external hard drive to backup my important files, and then reinstall windows (vista 32-bit ultimate cd)

I have scanned and have all logs they will be found on pastebin here

DDS log:
log i'm not sure what to call?:

any help would be appreciated asap.
Im a college student and would appreciate if anyone could help and by help i mean actually get rid of this rather than say 'take your computer in to a tech guy' or 'format and install linux' Any help would be appreciated (that actually helps of course)

Thank you for your time!
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