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Free MS Windows Defender - Is it any good?

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Hi all,

I have found out that the MS Windows Defender is now finished and available for free to licensed users of Windows XP.
You can get it at:

It does require that you validate your copy of WinXP via the Windows Genuine Attacker, er Advantage, (WGA).

I have been using a program called "Spyware Terminator" from Crawler, LLC out of Boca Raton, Florida ( and it seems to be okay.
It has RealTime Shield, on demand scanner, scheduler, HIPS, etc.
It is also FREE!
Has anyone else used it or even heard of it??

I was just wondering if anyone had any pros, cons, or comments on Windows Defender??

As always,
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For information....

Windows Defender and Trend Micro PC-cillin Internet Security are incompatible.

Seeing that Microsoft and Trend Micro have cooperated on a number of projects recently one would have hoped that they would have sorted out the compatibility issue before final release.

Quote from Trend Micro Support...

Unfortunately Windows defender is NOT compatable with the pc-cillin
software. If you have this software installed aswell as pc-cillin then you
will need to uninstall Windows defender first and then uninstall and
re-install pc-cillin. Please use the link below which will take you to
our online support portal where there are step-by-step instructions on
how to uninstall and reinstall PC-cillin Internet Security 14
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