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Free MS Windows Defender - Is it any good?

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Hi all,

I have found out that the MS Windows Defender is now finished and available for free to licensed users of Windows XP.
You can get it at:

It does require that you validate your copy of WinXP via the Windows Genuine Attacker, er Advantage, (WGA).

I have been using a program called "Spyware Terminator" from Crawler, LLC out of Boca Raton, Florida ( and it seems to be okay.
It has RealTime Shield, on demand scanner, scheduler, HIPS, etc.
It is also FREE!
Has anyone else used it or even heard of it??

I was just wondering if anyone had any pros, cons, or comments on Windows Defender??

As always,
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zbd21 said:
I have found Windows Defender is not very good. .
I agree. It, and some associated MS services, were until recently, a big problem...
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