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Where can I get a 100% Free domain. No costs at all.
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Squashman said:
What's wrong with paying GoDaddy $9 a year.
nothing really. but he's probably a kid with no cc or paypal and parents who wouldn't trust using their cc online for any reason. that used to be my situation. so i understand completely if he's coming from there too :p

.tk used to be cool until they turned lame with the ads. -_- there used to be this service once whose names i forgot that did it pretty well. but since i forgot that's pointless. wait. it's coming back to me.

darn. i remember the format/method they use but not the provider. i remember having an old site of mine using this as the domain

so it would be ""

it wasn't bad. i just wish i could remmeber who provided the service.

edit: oh i figured it out. turns out they put a nasty ad way at the top and theire name just happend to be in it. lol

the ad sucks. sorry :(
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1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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