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Fps drops in Overwatch with lower speeds (in GHz)Please help

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I have had this issue for a while now and have searched online for many fixes ( high priority, deleting certain files, using a high performance power plan and even turning all game settings to the very minimum) but I still cannot get a stable frame rate. One second it will be 70 fps, the next it will be 40 and it is starting to affect my gameplay a lot more nowadays.
I used a 64 bit windows 10 laptop with 8GB of RAM and the specs are: Intel Core i5 - 52000 CPU @ 2.20 GHz. I understand this is not a gaming computer or anything like that but seeing as I won't be able to get a new one any time soon it would be really helpful if anybody could come up with a solution for me

Last Note: Just in case it matters, the place where I viewed the speed of it is task manager performance tab
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This is kinda what my fps looks like in a game of overwatch (incase it might help)


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Merry Christmas! What are you using for a GPU and power supply unit. Please give brand name, model and wattage. Thanks.
Sorry to bother you, but how do I find these? o_O I'm not amazing with finding out things like this.
Telling me the make and model or your laptop will help find what your GPU is. I didn't notice it was a laptop so PSU isn't important yet.
Ok, I have a Lenovo Z41-70 laptop. Model name: 80K5
Ok, thank you will have a look at them :)
Which drivers do you recommend that I download from that page, because I don't want to accidentally download something that might mess up or slow down my computer. :)
Update all of them that are available.
I did this and am still laggy. Any other advice that could maybe help? :)
This is a simple trick that often cures a lot of different problems. Turn off the computer/Unplug/remove the battery/hold the power button for 30 seconds/reinstall battery/plug in (if wanted) and try. This clears the capacitors and can solve a lot of issues.
where do I find the battery?
There should be a latch door underneath with the battery. This is a laptop isn't it? if not there is no battery so skip that step.
yeah there are only screwdriver holes to take the bottom of the laptop off entirely. Just in case it helps I did some more research and found the specific model of the laptop (although not sure if it's different from the one you showed me.
Also, are there any softwares that could stabilize my framerate or even improve it?
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