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System Informtion: AcerPower (intel inside:Celron)
Processor:Celron(TM) running at 500mhz ( :D ) wouldn't mind more
MainBoard ID:V76M
MainBoard S/N: 91.30F10.002
SystemBios Version: V3.2
CPU/DRAM Frequency: 100/100 MHZ - 66/100MHZ :confused:
RAM: SDRAM upgrade to 320mgs from 64
Hard drive upgrade from: 4 gig to 80 gig (runs great) :)
OS: WinXP (recent upgrade, :)
FileSystem:NTFS :) (in case anyone wants to know, I find NTFS zippier working off line than the FAT32, is it because of the FAT compression?)
Enabled: ultra DMA - Primary IDE Controller, thanks to you guys, :)
Installed: GhostSurfer, :)

Perhaps I'm a danger to myself, but, at any rate, I have a fairly good and efficient smooth running machine, I keep it well oiled and tuned running regular maintenance progs. , since I started doing these upgrades (hard drive, RAM and other tweaks I've been doing), I want more. :eek:

I hope to install a CD writer, maybe use my extra 4gig HDD as a slave to hide my backup and other personal files, WebCam with voice.

Q1: Would upgrading my BIOS make any difference in performance or will I have to anyway, once I have everything I want installed?

Q2: If I were to upgrade my CPU to the next higher level - pending what the mother board will allow - will I have to simultaneously upgrade the power supply, cooling fan...

Q2: I know you can't run SDRAM chips side by side with DRAM, is there a difference in performance between the two if I were to change to DRAM, I think my mother board allows that?
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