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FOX News Streaming Data on my PC - Is It Safe?

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I apologize if this is not the right forum to ask this question. I want to get FOX News Channel streaming on my PC. When I select that, I get an Adobe Flash warning that FOX Newsplayer wants to store data on my pc (see attachment Info-01). I don't allow it and instead try selecting Watch Live and a particular show, It then asks for my cable provider. It flashes up a screen asking for my userid and password, but before I can do anything the screen is gone and I get a second warning about unsecured transmission of userid/password (see attachment Info-02).

Is the Adobe Flash warning a concern of what FOX newsplayer could store on my machine (virus, malware et al)? Is the second warning about unsecured transfer of userid/password a legitimate threat that they could be intercepted? Or is that just another silly Windows meaningless warning.

Thank you very much for your help. If either is a security concern I would forgo FOX News Channel streaming rather than expose my pc's security.

W7 Version 6.1;


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That's normal and simply a notification, it needs to store some data temporarily as it streams it to your PC. Since it's from a reputable site there should be no security concerns.
Thank you Triple6. Am I correct that your answer applies to the warning about the cable provider's unsecured logon credentials, as well?
Thank you again, Triple6
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