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formating hard drive

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i was wondering i anyone would know if you can format the hard drive on a computer with windows xp and if you have the disk to install xp again will it work want to do this but not sure if it will work if anyone know about this email me at
[email protected]
thank you all
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Hello medic252 and Welcome to TSG! :D

Firstly, backup anything on your computer that you want to keep because you should know that after reformatting your C drive you will LOSE everything!

OK, while your computer is on, you have to insert your Windows XP CD and then restart your computer.
If the CD doesn't boot then you have to go into BIOS and change the settings to make your CD Bootable.
Windows will ask you what you would like to do, choose that you want to install Windows XP.
You will be asked if you wish to create a new partition. Select the partition you have and press "D" to delete the existing partition, and then press "L" to confirm that you wish to do this. This will completely delete everything off your computer.
You will need to create a new partition. To do this press "C". You will be asked which size you wish to create your partition, just press Enter to make your new partition the maximum size. Now, select the partition you have just created to install Windows XP on by pressing Enter.
Your computer will prompt you asking if you wish to do a quick installation or a regular installation. Either will work fine but I prefer to choose "quick" because it is much faster.
Now you will need to select: "Format the partition by using the "NTFS" file system.
Windows XP will now be installed. This may take some time and then your computer will reboot.
If your CD in your CD ROM drive starts to boot just leave it, you will then be taken to a Windows XP Screen. Windows will continue to install and at about 33 minutes remaining it will ask you a few questions and you will need to enter your Product Key. You can find this Key on the back of your CD or on your computer's case.
It will now continue to install Windows XP. After several minutes it will ask you what kind of settings you would like to install. Make sure you choose "typical" network settings.

Windows will now complete the installation. When you startup your computer you will have to install the drivers for all of your hardware.
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