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format problems

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Has anyone advice on how to fix a little problem I'm having?

I just inherited an Asus laptop:
750 mhz
128 mb ram
20 gig hd

I was trying to install Windows Xp Proffesional on it, i got to the format part, and whenever i try to delete the partition, it says "windows cannot delete this partition, please go back and try something else", when i go back to the partitions screen, it says windows cannot access this space.

Then if i try to delete it again i get a hardware error. It was working fine, just decided to do this out of nowhere.
Any Idea's?
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Do you have Win 98 or 95? Also if you have a disk utility program you might be able to format and patition that disk using that.

I don't know about all versions of XP, but mine requires an old system to install over. I'd try format c: then if you have it, Win 98, then XP over that.
The only file you need to make 98 go is Himem which is on your win98 start up disk, 98 also does the drivers for the CDrom
You will also need to reinstall all your mobo/system drivers after installed so get them before you start
From your 98 start up: start with cd rom support
a:\ Fdisk (to patition your Hd create logical drive)
format c:
a:\copy himem.* c: (from your start updisk)
cdrom e:\setup (runs 98 setup)
After completed, proceed with XP setup while 98 is running
It should write right over everything or gives you a choice to have a 98/Xp dual boot

I was also able to install XP using a seagate disk utility which set up the patitions correctly for Xp,,then installed XP using cdrom as boot device.

Sorry I don't have a better awnser.
Good luck
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