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format D:drive !

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Hi to all. Have Windows XP Prof (legal!) Everything is on my 40gb C: drive!
However I have a second hard drive D: drive 60gb which I keep movies, spare program and junk on!
I have moved or deleted everything from my D: drive and want to format it before I start using it again!
It wont let me! It says : "Windows cannot format this drive. Quit any disc utilities or programs that are using this drive and make sure that no Windows is displaying the contents of this drive, then try formating again"
I have checked everywhere and nothing shows on D: drive!
Any help please?
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Go to control panel/administrrative tools / computer management and disk management. If the d drive shows up, right click on it and select format.
or... my computer > right click D drive > format...
use ntfs.. more stable and reliable than fat 32....
start > run > diskmgmt.msc

Are you sure you dont have anything accessing that drive.

I would also empty out your recycle bin. I dont think this would make a difference but if you have any files that you deleted from your D: drive and they are in the recycle bin, Windows may still think it needs to keep track of them on the drive. I dont know, I am just pulling that one out of my butt.
Are you logged on as admin or an account with admin rights when you try and do this? Do you have any disk utilities running like diskeeper?

I would use disk management to format partition the drive rather than my computer / explorer.
hi there,

dunno, but maybe system restore is enabled for this drive? maybe that's it.

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