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Forgotten Password

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I have Windows 2000 with Service Pack 4 and I cannot access the computer because the system password cannot be entered.
On system start up the prompt to enter password is displayed and the one I was using doesn't work. I can't remember changing the password, but there it is.
Does anyone know of how to access a system with Win 2000 when the password has been forgotten?
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Sounds like this is a BIOS password. If it is, you need to open the case and remove the CMOS Battery for a few minutes, then put it back in. Or you can try software like KillCMOS to do this for you.
If it is not the CMOS password, and it is the only password you have to access windows, and you have checked the spelling and capslock etc, the only thing you can do is use another operating system. You could put another operating system on the same computer on a different partition, and then browse to your files, or pull your hard drive out and attach it to another computer and save all your files to CD or something. GL
Will do-- This is the password for accessing Windows 2000, not CMOS password.
However will reset CMOS by the jumper to rule it out.
Thanks for the speedy replies- pretty silly stuff, but then it's the sort of thing I can do from time to time.
Found an article on the net on one possible workaound. Will post the results of this if it is successful.
Thanks for the help!!!
Well the solutions are there.
But went for the reinistall option and reformat.
A hell of a process just for a password.
The option to enter a booted OS CD and choose to Repair the existing operating system, allows from command prompts, to enter another user (or administrator) and access the system in this fashion. The downside is that the administrator password that is forgotten remains active.
The options are then great for retrieving data but not so hot in the long run, especially if on the Web for extended periods.
Interestingly there is software available for cracking passwords.
Thanks for the help and if anyone is interested in accessing a system to retrieve data the website is\messages\3388.html
Thanks for the help, nothing further to report on this fun way to kill a few hours.
I've used a solution from Elcomsoft to get into a locked PDF file once. I believe they have products for NT too.

Sysinternals have a locksmith utility, but I think it is no longer free. Maybe you can find an old copy somewhere...
If you really want to get into it, and don't mind shelling out some money, go to

For $200.00 you can buy ERD Commander 2003. It will let you change the local admin password and get you in. I have it and it has paid for iteslf 10X in the past year.

Gee, let's work on a free option! Go to and download the utility, build a floppy, and you'll be logged in as admin.
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