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Forecasting Daily Sales Using MS Excel

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I'm new to this forum but can't find the answer anywhere, if I've duplicated my question, please feel free to direct me to the thread.

I work for a leading supermarket and I'm trying to create a spreadsheet to forecast daily sales in a new store. I have sales data from 21/4/16 when the store opened and I'm trying to forecast future sales but I am struggling to find a formula to help with this.

I have one column with dates in, another with actual sales data and the 3rd which I would like to forecast sales based on previous sales for the same days in the previous weeks.

Any help would be great, if you need further info to help you help me, just ask.

Thanks in advance,

Edit: once I input the actual sales for the day that has been forecasted I would then like the rest of the forecasts to update accordingly.
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can you upload a sample sheet - with the data and how you would like the results to look
make sure its NOT real or sensitive data , as this is a public forum

how will you factor any seasonal or special offers into the forecast
or are you just adding a straight % increase or flat forecast

there is a forecast function in excel
One months data is not much to forecast with. As etaf pointed out, seasonal data (holiday, day before holiday, and such) will certainly come into play. A daily, weekly, weekday and weekend averages would be something to start with. Then perhaps trends will become more apparent.

You will likely want to break this out by department as time goes on.
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