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Running Win98, 1st ed.

In the last few days SOME of my folders no longer open in name sort. They seem to be sorting by date modified, with the oldest being first.

My folders default to a list display, and sorting them by name from that list arranges them in reverse name sort, with the sub folders at the end. Sorting again by name fails to change that order. However, if I change to the detail display, I can sort by a-z name, and then switching back to list mode maintains that sort. If I close the folder and re-open, the sort order reverts back to date modified.

I've checked the folders view options off of Start / Settings, and everything seems okay, meaning that there is a check mark in 'remember each folder's view setting'.

I saw a similar problem solved in the archives in which the questioner was directed to run msconfig and remove the 'load startup group items' checkmark, rebot, open the folder, etc.

But when I run msconfig, go to the general tab, remove that checkmark and reboot, the subsequent instructions failed to work. Then I noticed upon running msconfig again, that the checkmark by 'load startup group items' was back.

Any ideas?
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