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floppy copying

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Hello wonder if you can help.

I am using Office XP - Word. How do I save text documents to a rewritable disc? Used to use floppy 3.5 inch but have just bought a new laptop that does not have floppy drive. Want to save new text documents on a regular basis to the same rewritable disc in the same way as used to save to floppy. Unable to 'Save As'. It comes up with 'error - the disc is read only'. Any ideas????
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does your laptop come with a CDRW drive by any chance?
if its just a CD-rom drive, u won't be able to save onto any rewritable CD at all as it only allows you to read/extract off data from the media and not burn data to the media for saving.

Unlike saving to a floopy where u just copy it to the drive, to save your documents to a rewritable CD, you need to burn it using softwares like Nero or Easy CD creator etc (that normally comes bundled with a CDRW drive)...
yeap i agree with Dan O...

a thumb drive or flash drive is a cheap and good alternative for saving and storing text files... and pretty much allow you to plug into another computer with USB port to share the data as well...
Will remember that :)
still using good ole W2K....
usb thumbdrive/ flash drive would be a good alternative as recommended by Dan O...

works like a floppy....
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