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Fitting a further writer

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Hi Gang.

I've just purchased a Pioneer DVR-107D DVD Burner. I wish to keep my existing CD Burner as well. The burner came with instructions on how to fit it but not the wiring of the damn thing.

When both my burners are connected the computer refuses to load up to the windows page.

But with one disconnected it works fine.

Could someone point me in the right way for a web site that may help? Or if anyone on here could help me out?

Is it to do with the Bios set up? Thought i'd better ask before messing around with it.

I'm now sitting here waiting for a reply.... so please be quick...

Thanks Gang
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If it's a IDE drive then set it up in the BIOS. If it's a SCSI drive, then set it up throught SCSI with it's own ID number.
Look at the motherboard. Trace down where the other drive is plugged into. If it's IDE then it should say IDE1 or IDE2 or something like that by the plug. That will tell you what kind of drive it is and where it's plugged into. Then check the back of the first drive, it should be set to master or slave. If it's set to slave then set the second drive to master of the second IDE plug in the BIOS.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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