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First time networker needs help

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Here's what I got: I have a desktop pc running windows 98se that is hooked up to the internet through a cable modem. I also have a laptop running xp home. I would like to setup a wireless network. I bought a linksys router and notebook adapter. Now what do I need to do to network these two computers together?
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did you buy a wireless linksys router?

i am guessing you did.

plug the cable modem into the uplink port on the back of the router. then plug a cat5 cable from one of the ports on the router to the desktop computer.

install the notebook adapter in the notebook and install whatever software came with it.

now your internet should be working. tell me if it is, and then we will move on.
Yes. I bought a linksys wireless router and notebook card.
It doesnt' work if I plug it into the uplink port but does work if I plug it into the wan port.
oh im sorry i got it wrong. The wan port is the correct place sorry.

So can you get internet on both computers?
Yes. I have the internet working on both computers. How would I go about getting them networked together so I can share files and my printer?
ok, I am going to walk you through this process. If you stay on awhile I will help you set everything up.

Go to the Windows 98 computer. From the Network Neighborhood icon, right click and click properties. Find the "File and Print Sharing" button, and click it. Check both boxes and click ok.

Then find your TCP/IP network adapter and click properties. From there go to the NetBios tab and make sure it is checked. Then go to the Bindings tab and make sure Client for Microsoft Networks and File and Print Sharing for Microsoft Networks are both checked.

When you are done click ok until all screens are gone. Put a post here when you are done.
now go to properties of network neighborhood. find the TCP/IP for you net adapter, click properties.

see if obtain an ip address automatically is checked. if it is not, then check it.
Ok. That was checked already.

now right click network neighborhood and go to properties.

click the identification tab at the top.

type a name in for the computer. it can be whatever you wish, this will be what the computer is called on the network.

after that type a name for your workgroup. this is the name of your network. all computers must be in the same workgroup, so write down or remember the workgroup name EXACTLY the way you spelled it.

leave computer description blank for now.

click ok and close any open screens.
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now you must share a file on this computer.

if you do not know how to do it just right click a file (you can just use my documents). then check the box shared as, and type a name for the share name. then choose if you want read-only (you can only view the file from other computers) or full (you can have full access to the file from other computers).

click ok.

when you are done we will move on to the windows xp computer...
I couldn't share the my documents folder but I did share a folder.
ok any folder is fine.

now for XP...


click NETWORK CONNECTIONS at the bottom

find your network adapter, right click it, and go down to PROPERTIES

make sure "Client for Microsoft Networks" and "File and Print Sharing" are both installed. if they are not, install them.

now find TCP/IP. Click properties and make sure "Obtain IP address automatically" is checked. click ok one time.

go to the advanced tab and make sure the box for the Internet Firewall is UNCHECKED. if it is not unchecked, do it. If the firewall is not disabled this will cause problems for the network.

now click OK, and close all open screens.

put a post when you finish.
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That's finished. All that was already right.
now go to START, and find MY COMPUTER. right-click it and go down to PROPERTIES.

Click the tab at the tob that says COMPUTER NAME.

There should be a button that says CHANGE. click it.

Under computer name, give it a name.

Under workgroup, type in the SAME workgroup name as the other computer.

click OK, then OK again.
now share a folder.

If you dont know how...

right click the folder. go to SHARING AND SECURITY. click the box that says SHARE THIS FOLDER ON NETWORK. give it a name and click ok.
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