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Firmware update....

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Okay I want to update my DVD-rom Driver due to it having a difficulty playing LOTR-FOTR Special Edition.
Here's a link to LG's site Link doesn't work.Got to than to Canada,than to device driver,dvd-rom,scroll down to LOTR-FOTR Special edition.Will tell you there.
Now I know that I have to download the files from for Dos. 6.0.After I do this do I double click on the files,from and send them to a floppy disk?Than after that the 2 files from LG's site I put on this Bootable Disk?
Restart the computer type in the command and let it go?
If I do this wrong is there anyway of screwing up my Bios,I have a Dell computer and don't want to screw anything.
The Lg Dvd-rom I bought seperatly and installed myself.
Someone help me on this or was the above correct??
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a good idea to print the instructions given as well.

HOME > Product Support > Device Driver

Select your product to see the list of installation programs for each product.

Subject : DVD-ROM device driver for DOS
Product : DVD-ROM
O/S : MS-DOS 6.0

File Name : dvd-rom driver.exe

Installation under the DOS & Win 3.xx

1) Turn off your PC and connect the DVD-ROM DRIVE to the PC.

1.1 Adding the DVD-ROM drive to a configuration with one IDE Hard Disk
Set LG DVD-ROM drive to SL(Slave mode) by setting a jumper
on the middle side. The Hard Disk is set to IDE Master mode.

1.2 DVD-ROM only connection to IDE card or Secondary IDE Port on
the PC Motherboard.
Set the CD-ROM drive to MA (Master mode).
(refer to the Owner's manual)

2) Turn the PC on.
3) Insert INSTALL DISK to the 3.5-inch driver.
4) Type 'install' on the 3.5-INCH DRIVER.
5) Check the directory to install. (DEFUALT C:\\DVDROM)
6) After completion of the installation, hit Enter.
7) Reboot the PC.
8) If the device driver installs successfully but the DVD-ROM DRIVE
can't be accessed, you check the following






9) If the DVD-ROM DRIVE can't be accessed continuously in MS-DOS or PC-DOS,
recheck the connection of P.C and CD-ROM.
10) If the DVD-ROM DRIVE can't be accessed continuously in Win3.xx,
recheck the following:

10-1) The 32BITDISKACCESS and VIRTUALHDIRQ parameter in the
Windows SYSTEM.INI file should be set to OFF.

Using edit.exe, users can edit the SYSTEM.INI file in
the Windows directory :

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MY DVD-rom is installed and works.The only problem is the model can't play LORT-FOTR Special Edtion.LG has a firmware update for the DVD-rom so It will play this specific DVD.
All my other DVD's work fine.Just This one doesn't.Figured out after seaching LG's site need to flash my device driver but am a little confused on how.
The best one to seek out may be slipe. might be a good idea to private message him for a little advice first on the specifics.
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