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Firefox Sync: Is it safe?

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Hi, I was using the old Firefox sync and it was great, but I just received a message saying that Firefox's old sync is being replaced by a new Firefox sync:

I just wanted to know how I can be certain that my extremely personal information like which sites I visit, my bookmarks, my browsing history and my passwords are safe with this new Firefox Sync? How do I know that Firefox isn't sharing this information with other companies or governments?

Thanks for any help!
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You can never be sure and have to make an educated decision based on what you know about Mozilla, Chrome, Microsoft or any other company that offers this facility.
What is right for one user won't be right for another one

I will allow Microsoft to sync my data on W8 but won't allow Google chrome or Firefox, because I don't have the same level of trust with them.

I accept with google that I have no privacy whatsoever and that I will be completely tracked on almost every site on the net and that advertising will be tailored to my specific interests or viewing habits.
It doesn't mean that I like it, but I accept that websites need to be paid for and advertising is one way to do that. I prefer to see interesting adverts and do click on a few to keep the site running.
That doesn't mean that I trust Google with other data that I might prefer to keep private. It might be 100% safe &* secure, I just don't know.
The same with Mozilla & firefox. I am slightly less inclined to allow FF sync than Google because as an open source company, I have no way of knowing who is looking at my data and at least with a company that has full time employees rather than volunteers, They do have more control over them
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Thanks for your reply!

I just found this link and I'm reading it now:
Anyone else have an opinion on Firefox's new 'sync service'? I haven't used it as I'm worried about it sending out personal information...
if you don't trust it then don't use it
Nobody can advise you on whether it is safe or secure or whether it potentially leaks private in formation
Anytime ANY data leaves your computer and is stored remotely, there is a risk of data leakage due to hackers, bad storage practices or incompetent or malicious staff at the storage facility
You are the only one that determine if you are happy to give your data to that organisation or company to look after or store for you

I stated earlier that I am happy to let Microsoft store my data, but Not Mozilla or Goggle. Others will happily let Mozilla store it but not Microsoft.
Every body is different and ONLY you can decide on this

I'm still trying to find more things to read so I can decide if Firefox Sync is safe or not.
The entire Internet in general is not 'safe'.
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