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1.)i have this problem with my laptop. when i browse or surf the net, i sometimes will encounter a sudden problem with my browser wherein i cant view any websites anymore.

it will then always show a "page cannot be shown" page. this happens even if my Broadband is working perfectly with my other computers .

2.)one more thing kind sirs,my browser is Firefox 2.0 and it runs smoothly.

however, when i close my Firefox browser i noticed that in my task manager
a Firefox.exe process is still present. Sometimes when i close 2 windows of Firefox, there will be 2 Firefox.exe processes left running in my task manager.

i know that this shouldn't be the case because once you close a program which does not run in the background it's process should be terminated upon closing it.

do i need to post a HJT log or anything? hope someone can help me out
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