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Firefox 57 "Secure Connection Failed" (Windows 7)

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Dear Tech Support Guy Experts:

Hello! Could you please help me? I am not sure whether this is a malware problem or simply an internet browser issue.

About a week or so ago, my Firefox automatically updated to Firefox 57, Quantum. I have Windows 7. I noticed that websites were loading more slowly.

Yesterday, I was surfing as usual and suddenly I got 2 blue screen crashes within a 2 or 3 hour period. I had to restart Windows each time. I ran Spybot as well as CC Cleaner (cleaning up the registry as well). I tried to do a system restore as well. Then I noticed that, although I can gain access to the internet (the firefox home page), I cannot gain access to any other website.

Each time I try to open a page, the new Firefox ball wags back and forth, like it's taunting me, and then finally the message "Secure Connection Failed" / "Problem loading page" comes up.

I tried to go through the troubleshooting steps on the firefox website, checking extentions and plugins. I ckecked my firewall and i do see MozillaFirefox listed.

I am not able to clear history, because for that I need internet connectivity or workable browser, right? I also cannot refresh firefox or download a new version of firefox. How does one install an internet browser when one does not have an internet browser?

Could this be Malware, do you think?

I have had both MalwareBytes (the paid version) running the whole time, as well as the free anti-virus program "Commodo". However, I believe I did see Malware warning messages flashing up a few times yesterday.

I don't know a lot about computers. Could someone please walk me through a series of Troubleshooting Steps until we fix this problem, i.e. until I have an internet browser that works? I am a full-time researcher and writer, so the sooner we can fix this, the better. This is my only computer, so I must work in an internet cafe until I get my computer working again. I am feeling extremely anxious. Thank you so much, in advance, for your help!

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I posted this on November 28 and it is now December 6, and you have replied to several others who have only more recently posted in December.
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