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Finding files by date

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This seems like the sort of thing which be so simple...

I have connected a friend's iPhone to my PC, so that I can copy some photos taken between particular dates (03-Feb-19 to 20-Feb-19). But there are many photos there, taken on many dates and spread across a large number of sub-folders of the DCIM folder. Plus the file creation dates are not always easy to organise. Putting that column in date order in Windows Explorer doesn't always put the dates in date order...

Is there a file finder which can find those files reliably?

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Hard Drives: C: 149 GB (80 GB Free); D: 780 GB (651 GB Free);
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You should be able to view each subfolder by date.

what happens when you select a subfolder?
I sort the folder according to Date Created, but the files don't necessarily sort correctly. Besides, there are many folders to look in and sort.
I never looked at an iPhone. On my android phone (and 3 tablets) the files are already in order by date. Newest to oldest. I have never sorted them. It gives the year first then the month and the day.
So anything 20190220 down to 20190203 would be selected and copied from the device to the PC.
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