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The be all to end all discussion dead-on conclusion:

To some analysts, the bottom line is this: Despite all the faults and errors that occurred prior to Sept. 11 in all the agencies of government, there is one place that is supposed to check them and set priorities for the nation as a whole, and its address is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
"The White House did not rise to the occasion," says Ms. Kayyem.
• Associated Press material was used in this report.

From this article (Christian Science Monitor)

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No Doc, that reason was spelled out clearly by Clarke in testimony, and elsewhere in "after the fact" commentary. Clinton took a shot with "actionable intelligence" and missed. Clearly shooting from the shore wasn't going to get the job done. He was told what would, and how the country would react.

The they history......that came back around again......

The "dead on" conclusion is that the priority was set by what could be done and still maintain good grace with the public, and it smacked us right across the face.

Maybe next time we will take notice as a people of warning shots...but then....seeing how we (the US populous) reacted to the incident in is painfully clear that we have reverted to our "oh what a shame; whats on Springer?" mentality once again.

Our politicians are what we make of them. When we spend more time griping about the price of a movie ticket than we do about attacks on our embassies, ships, and "interests", what the heck do people expect them to focus on?
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